I don’t want to get out of bed

You got enough sleep? In fact, it is this question that we should ask each other when meeting instead of the usual and faceless “how are you?”.

There are days when you don’t want to do anything. Here’s how it is today: I want to stay under the blanket, dream slowly, then read a few pages of a book-and fall asleep again. I would like to come up with a car that would stop the time, and not a single alarm clock would call. That’s what I felt again in the morning.

Yes! What you are reading now was written by a person who did not want to get out of bed. Feel my eyes stick together? And the bed in front of me – like an abandoned lover, appeals: “Come back! Come back!»But I do not give in. I, the Kolumnist knight, stay here, faithful to our alliance with you, reader. It’s a pity that you can’t remake Tuesdays and Thursdays on Sunday. Well, really – why get up so hard? It sometimes seems to me that some people make children only then to have a reason to open their eyes. I often feel more tired when I wake up than when I go to bed. And you are familiar with this feeling?

Every day I return from sleep as a very long flight on an airplane, with three transfers and a change of clock belt for twelve hours. We – all those who are not able to get out of bed in the morning – should have united and arrange a coup that will overthrow the dictatorship of the morning. I am sure: together we will be able to achieve the right to get up later. The question of sleep is one of the main injustices in relation to a person. You are aware of the incredible difference between those who are enough for six hours to sleep, and those who need ten? After all, on a scale of life, this is many years. How many books I could write if I https://deadheadland.com/wp-content/pages/prestige-spin-casino-review-a-comprehensive-overview.html slept less!

In addition, all people sleep differently. Some fall into sleep instantly, while others still need to count the sheep. Some see dreams, while others have a brain rest. One needs silence and darkness, while others can sleep in a crowded bus. I relate just to that group of people who in complete darkness consider sheep and are forced to prepare for sleep as if they were going to campaign to conquer unknown lands.

And ultimately all this does not give anything, because some wake up fresh and rested, while others still need to drink a couple of liters of coffee. Those who wake up in good shape are just amazing me. These are some kind of aliens. What kind of injustice! And why are we so tolerant of each other in sleep? The fight against inequality has been going on from time immemorial, and only these fundamentally important differences remain without attention.

We are the same as our dream. Our mood is in constant, more or less obvious dependence on how we slept. There are such a morning when I am ready to kill the first neighbor who came across;And there are such when I am ready to marry a saleswoman from a bakery. We must first ask each other at all “how are you?”,” Did you sleep well?”. Because this is precisely the first cause of everything: our nights set the tone for our days.

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