"The ageing process in itself brings with it a whole range of changes that need to be studied so that the services/responses... can meet the needs"

Scientific output
The generation of outputs is crucial for the institute to excel in scientific visibility based on the work undertaken. Methodological rigour and scientific production are fundamental imperatives to ensure that the institute's actions are guided by scientific and empirical knowledge on the studied/intervened topics.
Services provided
to the elderly
The present institute aims to create suitable responses for the elderly in the home setting. The concept of AGING IN PLACE has been reinforced, and the shortage of responses that promote ageing at home is still evident. Therefore, the intention is to invigorate the following services in a home context:
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Training for Formal Caregivers and Capacity Building for Informal Caregivers
Social organisations providing care for the elderly lack qualified / trained human resources to respond appropriately to specific situations and pathologies associated with the ageing process. Therefore, training formal caregivers is crucial for promoting autonomous, independent, and quality ageing. On the other hand, informal care is another target, lacking information and emotional management tools to better cope with the burden associated with caregiving. The institute strives to provide a differentiated response for this particular audience (formal and informal caregivers), envisioning implementing and monitoring psychoeducational programs for caregivers. These programs are subject to the implementation of an impact assessment model applied and monitored by researchers at the International Institute of Gerontology.
Based on an interdisciplinary approach and specialised personal and/or organisational counselling service, the institute aims to develop advisory and practical assistance activities for all participants in the field of ageing. Considering the diverse technical concepts accompanying the multiple dimensions of ageing, this service aims to propose intervention programs and assess their implementation in social and health organisations operating in the Gerontological domain.

Services for the elderly

Accompanying the elderly to appointments, clinical analysis, and other outings

Assistance with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living for the user

Purchasing and cooking food and monitoring meals

Mobility assistance


Company for the elderly

Psychological Support Consultation

Personal hygiene care

Health care under the guidance and supervision of qualified personnel

Cognitive stimulation

Management of the administration of medication treatments

Cleaning of the home/rooms

Direct Service Line

Motor and Psychomotor Rehabilitation

Home delivery of medication

Laundry services

Notably, the activities carried out with the care recipient are accompanied by a system to evaluate their impact. Any activity involving the elderly individual undergoes a pre and post-intervention assessment/follow-ups to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the service provided.