Strategic axes

Strategic axes

"The institute aims to promote intervention programs whose objective is to raise awareness among the community in general, from young people to the elderly themselves..."


Enhancing research in the field of ageing
The ageing process itself entails a range of changes that need to be studied so that services/responses for older individuals can meet their needs. Constant demographic and societal changes impose a permanent need to understand how ageing occurs, what changes arise, and how Gerontology, encompassing various knowledge areas, can investigate and apply scientific knowledge on the ageing process. The International Institute of Gerontology collaborates directly with CICS - Interdisciplinary Center in Health Sciences at ISAVE, comprising a Scientific Committee, an Ethics Committee, and an External Scientific Advisory Committee, will provide consultation for the research activities carried out.


Establish support services for the elderly and caregivers
Within a biopsychosocial perspective of ageing, changes at the physical and psychosocial levels are identified, demanding specific responses for older individuals as well as formal and informal caregivers. Consequently, the institute aims to provide a range of services towards the needs of older individuals to promote successful ageing and the well-being of the elderly. Simultaneously, the caregiver is also recognised as a target for intervention, and to that end, the institute offers tools to train and empower caregivers of the elderly.


Engage various players in the ageing process
The institute aims to boost intervention programs to raise awareness in the community in general, from the youngest generation to the elderly, about emerging issues in the field of Gerontology. Involving all participants in the ageing process is an asset identified by researchers, and thus, the institute acknowledges this purpose in all its intra and intergenerational actions.


Promoting the internationalisation of good practices
The International Institute of Gerontology's excellent network of partner entities and the integration of elements from various international contexts allows access to projects and programs in the area of ageing that promote the proliferation of good practices among the elderly population, as well as at the level of social and health organisations that support the ageing process.